Evening Star Creations is a home-based design studio in Calgary, AB, Canada. Our shop features hand-made bracelets, necklaces and

earrings, created with care and precision from a rich palette of quality components ...sparkling Swarovski crystals, Greek Leather, healing gemstones, Czech glass beads and Japanese seed beads.  


The result?  A diverse collection of uniquely elegant pieces ideal for everyday outings as well as special events. Any of our creations make a lovely gift for celebratory occasions 

like birthdays or any one of the many festive gatherings celebrated throughout year! Giving an original handmade creation is a wonderful way to express your appreciation and affection for a friend or a beloved family member, a one-of-a-kind statement of striking beauty, given by you!

Check out our galleries: if you decide to purchase a bracelet or pair of earrings, they will come in a box, all tied up with a festive bow, ready for gift giving! And we can quickly send your "perfect gift" off to anyone.......anywhere!

If you'd like a design crafted similar to a creation you've spotted on our site (or maybe you're enticed by the idea of having something created "out of the blue"), I'd love to give it a try! All you have to do is contact me and let know your preferences for color and design, and I'll enlist my muse to create a bit of beauty, tailor-made for you!   

Questions?? Ask here. We'll get back to you very soon. 

Created by Lynn Harbaugh