There are places in the heart one finds only by SINGING!

I've sung my entire life; the family story is I sang before I talked.  I've sung by myself, in duos, trios and choirs of all varieties.  Singing I truly love, but singing harmony for me is nothing short of ethereal!  

In this picture my sister Kris and I are playing in downtown Seattle in the summer of ''64; we had been 

hired to play throughout the state of Washington for a candidate run- 

ning for governor. I was 16!  He lost, but we had a wonderful summer playing on street corners and cam- 

paign rallies in cities large and small.

In this picture I think I'm 10 and we're performing at our first gig in public. I'm the one in the pink crinoline!  I 

still remember learning how to handle that bass.

A few years later, we switched instruments and I took up guitar and my sister played upright bass.  

It was the 60's folk music boom and we relished being part of it, playing for any and all who would listen.

Our dad, a school and church choir director, was our teacher, coach, chauffeur...and biggest fan!

Currently (and for the past several yrs.) I've been writing songs and recording them on an iPad using Garageband. I'm also slowly learning how to write out the arrangements of my music 

with the acclaimed "Notion" music composition app. 

COMING music and the story behind each song. (Here are two songs to get started :D!)


 I was born and raised in eastern Washington and moved to Canada to live and finish university. This month, September, marks my arrival in this beautiful country...and this yr. is Canada's 150th birthday! So I'm celebrating with a song. Here's my song for Canada!

Created by Lynn Harbaugh